Smart meter progress: What Britain is doing better than the US

Smart meter progress: What Britain is doing better than the US

Britain's electric power industry is joining forces for a nationwide campaign to explain smart meters. It will promote the devices as a platform for future lifestyle improvements.

Smart Energy GB is a governmental organization funded by energy companies. It has just launched Phase One of a $145 million marketing plan. The initiative will highlight how smart meters can transform the relationship between customers and electric power providers.

Smart Energy GB has decided to use cartoon characters to embody gas and electricity. Smart meters will be portrayed as the best way to control these chaotic, boisterous characters.

The initiative will also showcase future lifestyle improvements made possible by smart meters. "Weve tried to show how smart meters are not just a product but a platform for how people can change their lifestyles in the connected homes of the future," said Gavin Sheppard, marketing director for Smart Energy GB.

MarketingWeek warns that it could be harder than expected to meet the UK's 2020 targets. "While most people (84%) have heard of smart meters, according to a report commissioned by Smart Energy GB, fewer than half (44%) want one."

To counter this lack of interest, Smart Energy GB is partnering with charities, local governments and private sector companies via co-branded campaigns to create more meaningful conversations around energy efficiency.

And, Great Britain faces more than just consumer apathy. The Telegraph newspaper claims that official documents have shown that the meters save less energy than predicted. Five other EU countries have ditched their smart meter plans after deciding they would cost more than they saved. On top of all that, according to The Telegraph, the meters will not work in roughly 1/3 of British homes such as apartment complexes and buildings where the meter is in a basement.

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