Schneider Electric and Siemens lead the BEMS market

Schneider Electric and Siemens lead the BEMS market

A new Leaderboard report from Navigant Research examining the competitive landscape in the building energy management systems market identifies Council Associate Partners Schneider Electric and Siemens as market frontrunners.

The report suggests there are more than 400 companies active in the space. The report analyzes the strategy and execution of 14 leading players with BEMS platforms that provide enterprise-level energy management and sophisticated data analytics offerings.

The rise of BEMSs has enabled new levels of insight into and analysis of energy and operational data that was not possible just five years ago, says Eric Bloom, principal research analyst with Navigant.  This intensely competitive market will more than double in size over the next six years, reaching $5.6 billion in annual market value by 2020.

Navigant points out that Schneider Electric, known globally as a vendor of building control systems, has leveraged its knowledge of individual building systems to provide much higher-level analytics capabilities in the last five years.

The researchers suggest that Siemens "significantly accelerated its position through its acquisition of Pace Global Energy Services, a management software company and consultancy."

Source: SmatCitiesCouncil

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