Smart meter connection: Itron to test network solution in urban Hong Kong

Smart meter connection: Itron to test network solution in urban Hong Kong

Itron announced at Asian Utility Week recently that CLP Power Hong Kong, a generation, transmission, distribution and retail energy company, will test Itrons new Adaptive Communications Technology, as part of the energy companys smart meter pilot project.

Running on CLP Powers installed OpenWay(R) smart grid platform and network, the Adaptive Communications Technology combines radio frequency mesh and power line carrier (PLC) communications on the same chip set, allowing smart meters to find the best possible network connectivity.
Smart meter connections

Powered by a microcontroller running a Linux-based operating system, the technology allows meters and other grid devices to process, analyse, communicate and react in real-time, switching communication modes to provide optimal network performance with assured connectivity, ideal for Hong Kongs urban environment with many high rise buildings and enclosed meter rooms.

CLP Power is the first utility to test Itrons Adaptive Communications Technology in the Asia-Pacific region. CLP Power and Itron are working together to test the technology across the Hong Kong urban areas as well as in less dense rural villages.

Commenting on the use of the technology in densely populated areas, Simon Pontin, chief technology officer at Itron, said: Adaptive Communication Technology has been designed to overcome these challenges with optimized communication that happens dynamically, intelligently and continuously at all levels of the network for every link, every message and every device.

Hong Kong is an ideal testing ground for this new technology, and CLP Power continues to be an ideal partner with which to collaborate on next generation technologies.

Source: Metering.Com

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