Embracing sustainability at Singapore’s Clean Tech Park

Embracing sustainability at Singapores Clean Tech Park

Nanyang Technological University is developing an intelligent eco-building management system at Clean Tech One at Clean Tech Park, Singapores first ecobusiness park. It will feature a smart management system, for research on energy efficiency verification and intelligent control for buildings.

With more than S$1 billion of research funding in the area of sustainability, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) started research into sustainable technologies back in the 1990s, when the city state of Singapore began to express a clear need for new and reclaimable sources of water. Though the concept of sustainable development was not widely discussed at that time, the government of Singapore had the notion that making the most of scarce natural and energy resources was fundamental to attaining a good quality of life in the long run.

Leading the research fi eld in sustainability, NTU took a comprehensive approach towards research and development in water issues, alternative energy sources, clean technologies, urban systems and geological concerns. Under the universitys Five Peaks of Excellence, areas of research in which NTU hopes to make its international mark, Sustainable Earth is the most important peak, and has also contributed to driving Singapores economy.

Source: Metering.com

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