Germany’s Grid Is One Of World’s Most Reliable

Germanys Grid Is One Of Worlds Most Reliable

Close to 29 per cent of Germanys electricity during the first half of 2014 came from renewable sources. It was a new record. Ironically, the story was released the same day that Bloomberg published: German Utilities Bail Out Electric Grid at Winds Mercy. Listening to some of the critics of Energiewende, one sometimes gets the impression the nations utilities are on the verge of collapse. In reality, Germanys grid is one of the worlds most reliable.

In terms of grid reliability, the only nations that rival Germany are Japan (another green leader) and Singapore. According to figures from the Council of European Energy Regulators, Germany has one of the most secure grids in Europe. In 2012, Germany lost an average of 15.91 minutes per customer. As you can see in the chart to the left, its closest Western European competitors lost more than a half an hour. One has to look to the Iberian peninsula to find performance records as bad as the United States.

Viola Baumann, a spokesperson for the nations largest utility (RWE), said, In 2012, we were able to continue to provide a largely uninterrupted supply of electricity. Non-availability for the electricity distribution grid amounted to an average of 17.1 minutes for each customer in Germany (2011: 18.1 minutes) in comparison to 21.7 minutes in 2006 which means an improvement but not more disruptions.

Source: Clean Technica

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