New E-buses launched with 5-minute charging batteries

New E-buses launched with 5-minute charging batteries

Electric buses are being used in most Chinese cities, as more environmental friendly alternatives. But long charging hours and short battery life are holding back wider acceptance of e-buses. Thats about to change, as Ying Yiyuan reports, an auto maker in eastern Chinas Zhejiang Province is launching e-buses with batteries that only take 5 minutes to charge.

Five minutes, the amount of time for a cup of tea. Thats all it takes to charge these new electric buses, and the batteries last longer too.

"The batteries life will not be shortened in ten years. We tested in Hongkong, the battery can be charged fully in 4 minutes 27 seconds. The driving mileage can be from 50 kilometers to 100 kilometers,said Pang Qingnian, chairman of China Young Man Automobile Group.

This could be the breakthrough e-buses need to go mainstream. Right now buses powered by fossil fuels or gas are still the mainstay for public transport in China. Young Man Automobile has an ambitious plan to promote its E-buses over the country.

Our buses are already running in Hong Kong and Jinhua. We have started talking to other cities, and we have got over 20 000 orders of intention. And the costs are much lower. Petrol buses cost 3 yuan per kilo meter, our e-bus only cost 0.5 yuan per kilometer,Pang said.

The price of one fast charging e-bus varies from 1.7 to 2 million yuan. Thats similar to other e-buses in the market. With operational cost savings and fast charging time, the incentives to go electric are growing stronger.


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