Smart meters: Ventev makes saddle bracket for utility deployments

Smart meters: Ventev makes saddle bracket for utility deployments

Ventev Wireless Infrastructure, which engineers and manufactures mounting solutions for deploying radios used in utility environments, engineered the new mount for utilities engaged in smart meter programmes across the US.  Commenting on the field testing of the bracket by a major energy company in northeastern US, Jeff Lime, vice-president of Ventev Wireless Infrastructure, said: We received excellent feedback from that deployment. The ability to colocate all the components needed with the radio facilitated efficient, cost-saving and uniform deployments. As a result, we developed a universal, off-the-shelf saddle bracket for use by all utility companies.

Using in the field

The saddle bracket fits over existing poles with diameters up to 7cm (2in) to colocate components such
as a battery and antenna with the radio. The bracket is also available to purchase with the pole included and
features pre-drilled holes for grounding lugs to reduce installation time, and a carriage bolt for increased stability.


SMART GRID Bulletin March 2018

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