IBM brings Smart Cities Initiative to São Paulo

IBM brings Smart Cities Initiative to So Paulo

IBM announced the opening of a new information control centre in So Paulo, Brazil, capturing, linking and unifying data from 19 TMCs across the statean area that includes 4,000 miles of state highways serving a population of 20 million people in 271 cities.

According to Eric-Mark Huitema, global smarter transportation leader for IBM Smart Cities initiative, the centre will help the Agencia de Transporte do Estado de Sao Paulo (ARTESP) improve supervision of the states highways by unifying traffic data, incident management and service delivery through the use of advanced analytics.

The information control centre for the state will be able to oversee So Paulos highways in near real time. With IBM technology in place we will now have the right tools to check quality of services provided by each administrator and also the corresponding contract fulfillment, ARTESP general director Karla Bertocco Trindade said in a statement.

In addition to data from each administrators control centres, which receive information through sensors, weather stations, call-boxes and other connected devices, the states central information control centre will now be able to centralise new data streams such as traffic reports and revenue data from toll plazas.

IBM is also demonstrating a new intelligent commerce app that can be used by car dealerships to give potential customers a virtual tour of various models in an interactive experience. Its especially suited for small dealerships with limited floor space as well as kiosks in shopping malls. The app allows users to toggle between multiple vehicle models and explore options on a flat screen TV.

Sensors detect customers movements and allow them to virtually walk around a car, change its colour, add options and even open the door, sit in the drivers seat and turn on the ignition to hear the roar of the engine. The app is being used by six Jaguar Land Rover dealerships in Europe and Asia.

Source: ITS World Congress

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