A Map of Distributed Renewable Energy Micro-grids in India

A Map of Distributed Renewable Energy Micro-grids in India

DRE micro-grids are generally small kW scale stand-alone off-grid systems having their own generation, storage and distribution grid. These systems typically provide access to electricity in the form of lighting loads in remote villages in India where the centralized grid is unable to be extended for techno-economic reasons. Many such DRE micro-grids also exist in areas where centralized grid based electricity supply is extremely limited and of poor quality. Some of these systems are also capable of supporting productive loads. Ownership is mixed, most being owned and operated by private companies while some are under Govt. ownership.

However, very little information is available in the public domain on such systems making it hard to assess the efficacy and benefits of such projects. The map is our effort to collate all available data in one place. It shows the areas where such systems are operational, their preferred use of technology, number of households served and the associated developer. Clicking each place-marker will present the currently available details of the respective micro grid.

Source: Prayas Energy Group

SMART GRID Bulletin March 2018

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