$9 mil microgrid to keep power on in Norwich

$9 mil microgrid to keep power on in Norwich

If there is another big storm or major power outage in Norwich all it takes is a flip of a switch to turn on one of the biggest generators installed in the city.

There is now four of them, which can also be controlled remotely by Norwich Public Utilities and CMEEC, Connnecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative, which built this powerful back up system behind The William Backus Hospital. Each unit generates 2.5 megawatt electric generators.

Chris Rall an engineer with CMEEC says so thats enough to power the hospital and surrounding critical facilities.

Nearby schools, emergency shelters, along with stores and gas stations can also keep running in an emergency. Mike Rall knows all about the $9 million Backus Microgrid Project funded by NPU.

Rall says on top is all of the exhaust system state of the art emissions control, noise cancellation, things like that.

Each unit runs on diesel fuel. Theres 4,200 gallon tanks under the giant generators dedicated to keeping 213 bed hospital up and running at all times.

Rall explains if we were strictly on the hospital we could run two units for a day and then switch over to the next two units for another day.

Leading to the hospital is a reinforced hardened power line and everything on the microgrid site is underground so if there is a storm or bad weather there shouldnt be another power outage there.

Source: wtnh.com

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