Delhi Government gives out Subsidies for Purchase of an Electric Vehicle

Delhi Government gives out Subsidies for Purchase of an Electric Vehicle

Indians are not really known for embracing electric vehicles (EVs), at least not till date and the fact reflects in the not-so-successful statistics of such EVs. Undoubtedly, when we have quarter litre options teeming in the market, why do we have to go for less-appealing and less performing EVs? However, the most important aspect of such electric vehicles is that they contribute in making the atmosphere less polluted around us. Having no harmful exhausts, these vehicles do not pollute the air at all, thus making it less toxic. Delhi, being one of the chief metropolitans of the country, is known world-over for its sickening air pollution. The Government of Delhi has thus, decided to raise awareness about the goodness of electric vehicles and their positive implications. In its attempt to do so, it has announced that every buyer who will purchase an electric scooter or an electric car will get a subsidy of 15 per cent off the maximum retail price of the purchased vehicle. The net amount is to be credited to the account of the buyer within two months from the date of purchase of the vehicle.

Buyers have a couple of more advantages if they are looking to go the electric way. The MRP will be reduced on the initial purchase and zero VAT charges are also applicable. However, there would probably be a discounted road-tax for the buyer, as well. The details regarding this are not yet known but there might be almost as much as 50 per cent off on the road tax. It is expected that these offers will definitely bring in a number of customers, or so expects the Government of Delhi.

Sohinder Gill, the Director of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV) was available for his reactions on this topic. He said, The 15 per cent subsidy coupled with VAT exemption and the 50 per cent discount in road tax is yet another indication of the growing government support and endorsement of a greener mode of transport. We think this is only the beginning of greater things to come and a sure sign that the government will definitely continue to create the right eco system for greater adoption of EVs.

Electric scooters have a lot of advantages that it can boast of. It incurs 60 per cent profit from cheaper running costs from its petrol-run counterparts. Apart from this factor, the cost of maintenance is much lower for EVs as compared to normal diesel or petrol run scooters. On the whole, an additional 70 per cent savings can be done just because of the fact that electric vehicles cause lesser hassles. However, the most important aspect of these vehicles is that they are 90 per cent less polluting than the petrol models, which is a boon in itself for a better tomorrow. Furthermore to all these favourable factors are the above mentioned lucrative discounts and additional benefits on the purchase of an electric vehicle. It is expected that the number of owners of EVs is up for a steep increase in the near future, riding high on these perks.

Source: Car Trade

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