30 remote off-grid communities to go solar in NT

30 remote off-grid communities to go solar in NT

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Northern Territory Governments Power and Water Corporation will fund the roll-out of 10 megawatts of solar PV to 30 remote off-grid communities in the Northern Territory. The initiative was launched by Federal Minister for Industry Ian Macfarlane and NT's Chief Minister Adam Giles in Darwin recently.

The installation of solar is expected to offset 15 per cent of expensive diesel fuel used for power generation across a majority of the sites. However in Nauiyu (Daly River) it will go far further, achieving approximately 50 per cent diesel fuel displacement through a 1 MW solar PV facility in combination with cloud forecasting and energy storage to manage variation in power output from the solar panels.  

The installation of these solar systems will be funded by ARENA and Power and Water Corporation each putting in $27.5 million.

Source: The Australian Business Review

Smart Grid Bulletin April 2018

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