The biggest challenge to smart water initiatives? Cost

The biggest challenge to smart water initiatives? Cost

There are a variety of reasons why the smart water market is growing slower than expected. Some say its a focus on residential that doesnt have as large an impact as say, irrigation. And others say they are unaware the technology is unavailable to them. There are other reasons as well.

A new report from Zpryme says what may be obvious to some observers: the biggest problem is cost.

But in spite of what is a large challenge, 9 out of 10 water utilities have a smart water plan.

Driven by the need for better visibility of water use, management of conservation programs and customer demand, water utilities have become extremely interested in smart water metering, said John Fillinger, director of utility marketing for Badger Meter, the survey sponsor. Advancements in technology are making the benefits of these systems more attainable than ever before.

A couple of additional interesting highlights from the survey:

  • While cost is the major concern, there are more challenges than financing such as cybersecurity and the lack of qualified staff
  • Many water utilities have technology skills gaps in their workforce but dont plan to hire technology staff in the next year. The option being train existing staff or work more extensively with third party providers to gain the needed expertise.


SMART GRID Bulletin March 2018

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