500M Smart Meters in China Market by 2015

500M Smart Meters in China Market by 2015

The China Smart Meter Industry Report, 2014-2018 market research says the advancing smart grid construction in China spurred the constant growth of smart meter demand. By the end of 2013, 370 million smart meters had been accumulatively installed in China, and the figure is expected to hit 500 million in 2015. Complete report is available in the smart meter market section of the online industry intelligence library of RnRMarketResearch.com at http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/china-smart-meter-industry-report-2014-2018-market-report.html .

The China Smart Meter Industry Report, 2014-2018 provides information on Smart meter development environment in China (including international and domestic environment); Size, structure, competitive landscape, import & export, etc. of China smart meter market; Smart meter tender invitation scale, tender structure, construction planning, etc. of SGCC; Status quo, competitive landscape, risks, trends, etc. in tender market segments of SGCC and Operation and winning in smart meter tenders invited by SGCC of 20 Chinese smart meter players. SGCC invited tenders for smart meter as early as 2009 and as of Sept. 2014, 21 tenders for a total of 310 million smart meters were invited, in which 3 tenders for 61.877 million smart meters, close to the level (62.16 million) in the whole 2013, were completed during Jan.-Sept. 2014.

Besides meeting the domestic demand, the home-made smart meters are also exported to more than 130 countries and regions worldwide. In 2013, the export volume of smart meter topped 608,000 (surging by 17.1% yr-on-yr), in which 37.7% was exported to Germany, 17.3% to Vietnam, and 8.0% to the Netherlands.

The three-phase smart meter can be largely categorized into 1S, 0.5S and 0.2S. In 2013, amid the 1S three-phase smart meter companies, Ningbo Sanxing Electric Co., Ltd. boasted the largest market share of approximately 8.5%; among the 0.5S three-phase smart meter companies, Yantai Dongfang Wisdom Electric Co., Ltd. held the first place with about 17.5% market share; and within the 0.2S three-phase smart meter enterprises, the largest market share of 61.1% or so was grabbed by Ningbo Sanxing Electric Co., Ltd.

Besides consolidating the existing market share, the enterprises, represented by Wasion Group Holdings Limited, strive to further improve their market competitiveness by dint of industry chain extension, capacity expansion, etc.

Source: PR Newswire

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