Solar Powered EV has 500 miles range

Solar Powered EV has 500 miles range

A team of Dutch students create a family-sized car powered only by electric that has a range of 500 miles.

The EV placed first in Australias 2013 World Solar Challenge by winning the Michelin Cruiser Class for completing a 1,864 mile (3,000 kilometer) journey from Darwin to Adelaide.

Stella was made to showcase technology that can redefine typical road travel, whereas the majority of vehicles participating in the reach are small, stripped-down, single-seat vehicles built for speed, and would not be street legal.

Stella took a U.S. tour that started in Detroit Michigan that made it to San Francisco to help launch National Drive Electric week.

The Stella solar powered EV was designed and built by student at Eindhoven University of Technology in Holland.

The cutting edge EV can hit 80 MPH, and features a steering wheel that expands in your hands to signal that youre exceeding the speed limit or contracts when youre driving too slow. Turn signals are activated with a squeeze on the side of the steering wheel.


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