Working Group 1

Working Group Name : Advanced Transmission and Distribution

Chair Person : Mr. Ramachandran Pillai, Tata Power, Mumbai

After a century of focus on centralized power generation and creation of massive electric grids, today the focus is towards de-centralized generation. As more and more distributed generation resources get connected at the distribution end, traditional boundaries between generation, transmission and distribution are fast disappearing - evolving into one "Integrated Grid".

With consumers becoming "prosumers", the grid that is built for one-way flow of electricity is now experiencing bi-directional flow of electrons. Thus, debate on whether to invest in transmission or in storage - the choice between "Generation + Transmission + Distribution" AND "Distributed Generation + Storage + Distribution" is becoming real.

To address the challenges, the Indian power system is expected to grow 8-10% p.a. for the next several decades - managing a rapidly growing power system of this size requires smarter systems.


1. Identify, study and analyse the critical issues related to Indian transmission systems and recommend appropriate system enhancements in terms of upgradations in technologies and standards, by creating a suitable platform within the ecosystem for the sustainable success of Smart Grid deployment in India.

2. To outline the feasibility, optimum standards & implementation strategies for Indian DISCOMs to progress beyond the scope of R-APDRP & towards Advanced Distribution and Smart Grids.


  1. Optimal Power System operation(security and availability and economy) 
  2. Improved Transmission Monitoring (WAMS) using PMU/PDCs
  3. Better coordination between transmission and distribution(Grid Discipline)
  4. Improved Transformer monitoring
  5. Use of Robotics/ helicopters for commissioning and maintenance of transmission line which include live/hot line insulator cleaning and replacement, thermo-scanning, etc.
  6. Advanced network planning commensurate with generation & distribution for IPPs, CPPs and renewables and inclusion of FACTS and HVDC controllers
  7. Techno-economic feasibility studies for conversion and modernization of EHV sub-stations in urban areas with GIS, unlocking the value of the real-estate.
  8. Power Pricing/ Markets
  9. Adherence to Central/State Regulatory norms, Open Access, Tariff directives
  10. Transparent and improved models for transmission pricing, which capture marginal costs and incentives (e.g., LMP)
  11. Introduction of day-ahead and hour-ahead trading​
  12. Advanced Distribution Operations
  13. Integration with R-APDRP systems
  14. Advanced Asset Management
  15. Self-Healing Networks
  16. Integration of Distributed Energy Resources

Members Organisation
1IIT Hyderabad
2Power Grid Corp. of India Ltd
3Tata Power Company Ltd
5L&T Infotech Ltd
8Reliance Infrastructure
9IIT Kanpur
10VJTI, Mumbai
11IIT Delhi
12Dassault Systems
14PVG's College of Engineering & Technology, Pune
15Elektrolites (Power) Pvt Ltd
16Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions
18Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT) Bhopal
21Schneider Electric
24GTL Limited
26Ashida Electronics Pvt Ltd
27Renesas Electronics (India Branch)
28Bentley Systems India Private Limited
32VIT, Vellore
33Omron Automation
34Sanjay Ghodawat Group of Institutions
35MPPKVVCL ,Indore