Working Group 9

Working Group Name : Renewables and Microgrids

Chair Person : Ravi Seethapathy, ISGF Honorary Member



Microgrids are self-sufficient distribution networks with one or more local renewable sources, which can operate by interconnecting to the grid, or can also be operated isolated from the main grid. For the end consumer, microgrids provide both thermal and electricity needs, and in addition enhance local reliability, reduce emissions, improve power quality by supporting voltage and reducing voltage dips, and potentially lower costs of energy supply. From the utility point of view, the application of distributed energy sources can potentially reduce the demand for distribution and transmission facilities.


To study and recommend appropriate solutions for improving the CUF (capacity utilization factor) of Renewable

To study tools available for forecasting and scheduling of Wind and Solar and recommend appropriate tools.

To develop set of standards, guidelines and technology recommendations for integration of renewable sources into the grid.

To develop a methodology for carrying out cost-benefit analysis of a microgrid project in the Indian context.

To develop recommendations for tariff policy for renewables in India.​​

Members Organisation
1PVG College of Engineering
3Reliance Infra
4L n T Infotech
5IIT Rajasthan
7Robert Bosch
8JnJ Powercom
13IIT Kanpur
15AMI Tech
16IIT Delhi
17 IIT Mumbai
18Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions
19VIT, Vellore
20Omron Automation
21Sanjay Ghodawat Group of Institutions
22MPPKVVCL ,Indore
23AutoGrid India Pvt Ltd