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India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) is a Public Private Partnership initiative of Ministry of Power (MoP), Government of India for accelerated development of smart grid technologies in the Indian power sector. Mandate of ISGF is to advise government on policies and programs for promotion of Smart Grids in India, work with national and international agencies in standards development and to help utilities, regulators and the Industry in technology selection, training and capacity building.

ISGF work closely with government institutions such as CEA, CPRI, CERC, NSGM and NCIIPC; ministries such as MNRE, DoT, MoUD, MoHI etc and other stakeholders like state governments, electric utilities and electricity regulatory commissions. With 170+ members comprising of ministries, utilities, technology providers, academia and research, ISGF has evolve as a Think-Tank of global repute on Smart Grids and Smart Cities.

The main objectives of ISGF are:

  • To help the Indian power sector deploy smart grid technologies in an efficient, cost effective, innovative and scalable manner by bringing together all key stakeholders and enabling technologies.
  • To create a platform for public and private stakeholder members, research institutions and power utilities to exchange ideas and information on smart grids and develop use case scenarios for India.
  • To bring together experts from regulation, policy, and the corporate sector to build support for smart grid policies.
  • To conduct research on the capabilities of smart grids in the Indian context through case studies, cost-benefit analysis, study of technical advancements in renewable energy sources and other ancillary activities.
  • To make recommendations to the Government, Regulators, Utilities and Consumers through reports, white papers, technical seminars, etc.

ISGF has 8 working groups focussed on different aspects of smart grid such as: WG1: Grid Modernization & Smart Cities; WG2: IoT, Smart Metering, AI & Analytics; WG3: Digital Architecture and Cyber Security; WG4: Policy, Regulations and Business Models; WG5:Renewables & Microgrids; WG6: Flexibility & Electric Mobility; WG7: Smart Gas; WG8: Smart Water.


Some of the major activities undertaken (and under progress) by India Smart Grid Forum are:

  1. Work with Ministry of Power
  2. Work with other Ministries and Government Institutions
  3. Work at States Level
  4. Training and Capacity Building Programs
  5. Research Papers and Publications
  6. Standards Development Work
  7. Conferences and Workshops
  8. Advisory Services

For more information on ISGF, click here​ to download ISGF flyer and click here to download ISGF Presentation

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