Global Smart Grid Projects

Power sector globally is at the threshold of a paradigm shift – from centralised generation we are fast moving to an era of distributed generation and smart grids - Increasing share of generation resource being added at the distribution grid. Indian power system which is fourth largest in the world is facing huge challenges to provide 24 x 7 quality power to all households and to reduce the T&D losses from >25% to below 10%. GoI has drawn a compelling vision to add 175 GW of renewable energy (100 GW solar, 60 GW wind, 10 GW Biomass and 5 GW of small hydro) by 2022 to the Indian grid. Out of this 40 GW is expected to be generated from rooftop PV systems spread across 20 million roofs which is going to radically transform the way electricity is generated, transmitted, distributed and consumed in the country. Several new technologies and changes in grid management processes are required to make this happen. Governments of various Countries are implementing Smart Grid projects by giving grants and incentives.

The table below indicates the spending on Smart Grid demonstration projects in various countries during 2008-2014:

Government Funding
($ Million)
South Korea71.8

ISGF has compiled summary of 68 projects across the world which is presented in this “Smart Grid Project Book – A Global Snapshot”. Certain data* relating to some of the projects were not readily available and those are being obtained from the project authorities. Next edition of this book will capture more detailed information.

It is observed that most successful projects were implemented in public private partnership (PPP). The Government grants varied from 25% to 50 % and Utilities and technology companies contributed to the rest of project cost. Many projects had active participation of academia which was mostly funded through Government grants. Transparent selection process were followed in which Government agencies invited call for proposals. Utilities partnered with technology companies and academia and submitted detailed project proposals which were evaluated by committees of experts and projects were allotted purely on the basis of the merits. Frameworks for monitoring of project implementation and evaluation of results were also observed in most cases.

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