National Smart Grid Mission

National Smart Grid Mission (NSGM) was established in the Indian Power sector to plan and monitor the implementation of policies and programmes related to Smart Grid activities in India. It’s an institutional mechanism for planning, monitoring and implementation of policies and programs related to Smart Grid activities. NSGM is housed under Ministry of Power (MoP) considering the fact that most of the prominent stakeholders (DISCOMS. Regulators, Electrical manufactures, Central Electricity Authority etc.) for Smart Grid are associated with MoP. Other concerned Ministries like Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) and Ministry of Heavy Industry (MoHl) are also associated with the Mission.

Objective of NSGM

National Smart Grid Mission was launched with an objective to address key issues of Smart Grid Initiatives on a large scale in the country and to make the Indian Power infrastructure cost effective, responsive and reliable. A 20 year perspective Plan for integrated inter-regional, inter-state and intra-state transmission network for the country as whole has been formulated. This will be a crucial backbone for the vision of 24x7 power for all homes in India.

Organisational Structure of NSGM:

NSGM consists of a 3 tier structure:

For day-to-day operations, NSGM has a NSGM Project Management Unit (NPMU) headed by the Director NPMU. Director NPMU is a Member of the Governing Council and Empowered Committee, and Member Secretary of Technical Committee. NPMU is the implementing agency for operationalizing the Smart Grid activities in the country under the guidance of Governing Council and Empowered Committee.

Grant upto 30% of the project cost is available from NSGM budget. For selected components such as training & capacity building, consumer engagement etc., 100% grant is available.

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