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ISGF Reports- Members Only

  1. ISGF Whitepaper on Leveraging Smart Grid Assets For Building Smarter Cities At Marginal Cost
  2. ISGF White Paper on Interoperability in Smart Metering
  3. ISGF White Paper on Additional Spectrum for Low Power RF Devices for M2M, IoT,IoE, Smart Cities
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  14. ISGF White Paper on Policy Framework for Electric Rickshaws in Delhi
  15. ISGF White Paper on role of smart grids in distribution

Other Reports

  1. Net Zero by 2050-A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector
  2. Photovoltaics-Report
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  4. Future of Solar Photovoltaic
  5. Estimating the Cost of Grid-Scale Lithium-Ion Battery Storage in India
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  11. Machine Learning Applied to Smart Grids
  12. Cyber Security of The Smart Grid_ Attack Exposure Analysis Detection
  13. Cyber Security and Smart Grids
  14. Security Aspects of The Smart Grid
  15. AMI and Customer Service
  16. E-Mobility and Smart Grids
  17. Artificial Intelligence in The Power Sector
  18. Blockchain In Energy Communities
  19. 5gdn@Smart Grid
  20. SMART GRIDS and Renewables
  21. Introduction to Smart Grid
  22. Blockchain technology in the energy sector
  23. Assessing Blockchain's Future in Transactive Energy
  24. Bitcoin Blockchain and Energy
  25. Blockchain Basics
  26. Blockchain for Power Utilities
  27. Blockchain in Energy Efficiency
  28. Blockchain Technologies for Smart Energy
  29. Blockchain Opportunities and threats for the energy transition
  30. Blockchain 2020 Vision R3
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  50. U.S Leadership In AI
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  60. Safety aspects of Nuclear PP Automation and Robotics
  61. Robots for Nuclear power plant
  62. Robotics Sensing and Process Control Capabilities
  63. Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) for buried pipe infrastructure and water operations
  64. Robotic Monitoring of Power Systems
  65. Power and Utility Analytics Primer
  66. NISE - Solar Analytics
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  69. More Power to the Energy and Utilities Business from AI
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  76. Intro2Robotics
  77. Intelligent Water
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  96. Data analytics for weak spot detection
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  142. Charging Infrastructure - What, Where, and How Many
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  144. Smart Meter Communication Requirements and Experiences
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  147. Applications of AMI in Electricity Distribution
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