Smart Grid Bootcamp

Introduction: The Smart Grid market is set to cross $170B in 2014 globally. This represents a multi-billion dollar opportunity which is going to require hundreds of thousands of smart grid professionals.

Smart Grid Boot Camp is ISGF's flagship program for student outreach and awareness. It is designed as a one day workshop to comprehensively cover Smart Grid technologies and industry trends. As a participant, you will learn about the "what" and "how" of Smart Grids and discover opportunities to ride this technological wave in the power sector globally. This program is a pan-India initiative, starting with the city of Pune and will move to many other cities in future.

Program Outline:

  • Challenges in Indian Power Sector and Smart Grid Vision and Roadmap for India.
  • Introduction to Smart Grids.
  • Technical Overview covering different technologies, key terms and overall Smart Grid Architecture.
  • Opportunities in Smart Grid domain for young engineers.

Who should attend? : India needs few lakhs of engineers to build Smart Grids and Smart Cities in the next decade. Smart Grid BootCamp is designed as an orientation program for those interested to pursue their career in Smart Grids and Smart Cities.

What's New

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