Smart Grid Course for Regulators

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Forum of Indian Regulators in June 2015 approved the Model Smart Grid Regulations and it becomes necessary to educate the Regulators, Policy Makers and staff on the practical benefits, costs, and implementation challenges of Smart Grid programs for the different electric utilities serving the India. Considering this and based on feedback received during 9 workshops which were conducted by ISGF along with CEA in all 5 regions, ISGF has formulated a five-day course for regulators to delve deep into the key areas of a smart grid where the electricity regulators will have to play a vital role in forming a regulatory framework for the future.

The inaugural session of ISGW 2016 began with a short video on the importance and relevance of smart grids for India. The video highlighted the country's huge potential for the development and deployment of smart grid technologies. This was followed by a welcome address by Mr Reji Kumar Pillai, President, India Smart Grid Forum. A brief on the event was provided by the Chairman of the Technical Committee of ISGW 2016, Mr Richard Schomberg, Vice-President Smart Energy Standards, Electricite de France (EDF) and Smart Grid Chair, International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The session featured special addresses by Mr Chris Hickman, CEO and President, Innovari, Inc.; Mr Henry Steingass, Regional Director for South and Southeast Asia, US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA); H.E. AapoPolho, Ambassador of Finland to India and Bangladesh; H.E. Harald Sandberg, Ambassador of Sweden to India; Sir David King, Special Adviser to the UK Government on Climate Change; Dr Amory Lovins, Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute; Mr Alok Joshi, Chairman, National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO); and Ms Varsha Joshi, Joint Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE).

Main goals of this foundation course are:
  • Defining the problems that the utilities now experience and showing what Smart Grid technology and practices can do to help resolve them
  • Understanding the essential nature and benefits of a utility adapting Smart Grid principles
  • Learning about various Smart Grid technologies and their real-world applications
  • Determining key market drivers for implementing the technologies
  • Gathering greater knowledge of what others have done and are planning to do with Smart Grid
  • Identifying the key barriers to realizing a successful deployment of a robust Smart Grid
  • Defining the key areas of growth and market trends
  • Knowing key players and their roles
  • Gaining deeper insight into the end-use customer's needs and its changing business models
  • Importance of renewable energy and technologies associated with it and its challenges
Who May Attend:
Members and officers of Regulatory Commissions

Workshops held and scheduled:
  1. ISGF has developed a "Handbook on Smart Grids for Regulators and Policy Makers" which contains 17 modules related to various aspects of smart grids. To further the initiative, ISGF is now scheduling 3 workshops for utilities and regulators in different regions of country.
    1. Topic: Smart GridFoundation Course for Regulators & other Stakeholders
      Date: 10th April to 13th April 2017
      Venue: Hyderabad
      Objective: The key objectives of this workshop were to enhance awareness levels and build capacity of various stakeholders
      Participants: State Electricity Regulatory Commission's, Discoms, Transmission Companies and Energy Departments
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