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Title GSEF – APUA International Webinar Series Part 2 | Smart Technologies To Improve Customer Service And Business Continuity For Utilities
Location Web
Start Time 2021-10-20 18:30 (IST)
End Time 2021-10-20 20:30 (IST)

This Webinar will discuss:
• Digitalization and Automation of processes and operations to enhance customer satisfaction and business continuity
• Field Force Automation, Self-Meter Reading, Bills on WhatsApp/ Email, Continuous promotion of e-bills etc.
• Switching from in-person payments that require cash handling to online payments
• Dematerialization of customer service (chat, densification of call centers, etc.)
• Tailoring messages to encourage traditional customers to using innovative tools
• Ensuring open and honest communication and engagement with customers
• Digitalization Roadmaps for Utilities
• Temporary Backup Control Center (BCC) for emergency situation and implement an Emergency Response System with an ability to monitor, command and control the devices, people and processes
• Common Resiliency Framework encompassing the security / privacy policy for Business Continuity
• Strengthening of Cyber Security and Work from Home Enablement
• Adoption of new technologies and Innovation in Services enhancing Customer Experience and Delight
• Improved Customer Engagement

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