World : All-electric ferry with longest range in operation saves 2,000 tons of CO2 a year

Ellen, an all-electric ferry with the claim of having the longest electric range, has been in operation for a few months now, and they estimate that the electric vessel is going to save 2,000 tons of CO2 emissions a year.

All-electric ferries

Ferries are a good place to start electrifying cargo transport on the sea since they cover the same routes again and again. It makes it easy to plan for the range and charging solution of all-electric ferries.

The operators of the first all-electric ferry in Norway, the Ampere, reported some impressive statistics after operating the ship for over two years.

They claim that the all-electric ferry cuts emissions by 95% and costs by 80%.

At an event last year, they announced their findings, and unsurprisingly, the potential cost savings are attracting a lot of orders for new all-electric ferries and for the conversion of existing diesel-powered ferries.

Not long after, Fjord1, a major Norwegian transport conglomerate that operates 75 ships, placed an important order with the Havyard Group to build a fleet of battery-electric ferries.

We have seen other routes with plans to electrify, like New York, which is getting its first electric ferry next year.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin June 2020

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