India : How electric mobility will ensure a clean, green, responsible India

India’s electric vehicle goals are set to flourish as Niti Aayog, the government’s thinktank brandishes the emobility mantra. The government aspires for a greener India by emphasising on the sale of only electric vehicles by 2030, or have a large percentage of EVs on the road by then.  This would go a long way in addressing India’s clean fuel ideology and reduce high pollution levels, with proper charging infrastructure being key to this EV surge. The increased interest in electric mobility is evident in the lineup for the AutoShow 2020, to be held in Delhi, which sees the highest number of EVs. Of the 26 million vehicles sold in India, even if 10 percent were to go electric by 2022, the vision for a cleaner, greener country would be on its way to realisation.

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Smart Grid Bulletin June 2020

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