World : Hyundai to showcase flying car concept at CES 2020

Hyundai Motor will take the stage at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show to present its vision of mobility for the cities of the future. The company plans to unveil its first concept – the Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) – as part of the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) landscape. The use of airspace is expected to alleviate road congestion and give back quality time to city commuters.

Apart from the carmaker's urban air mobility solution, Hyundai’s vision continues with its Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV). This highly customisable concept model features autonomous driving and allows for limitless possibilities that make the vehicle more than just a means of transportation.

These two smart mobility devices will come together at what Hyundai calls 'the Hub', which will be located throughout cities in the future. 'The Hub' is envisioned as the take-off and landing point for PAVs as well as the arrival and departure point for PBVs. These may also go on to serve as a community space for activities.

CES 2020 will take place on January 7-10 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada in the US.


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Smart Grid Bulletin August 2020

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