World : US water tech firm Xylem adds multi-disciplinary hub to regional HQ in Singapore

US water technology provider Xylem has expanded its regional headquarters in Singapore with the launch of a new centre for water, wastewater and energy technologies.

The expanded headquarters features a new technology hub, which will focus on developing technologies for water distribution and wastewater treatment.

One of the first projects being pursued at the centre includes a tie-up with A*Star's Institute of High Performance Computing to develop a new computational fluid dynamics model tailored for Xylem's applications.

This model will then be applied to the design and testing of other advanced products and solutions to be deployed in treatment plants and water distribution networks. 

The centre's work will also be supported by Xylem's ongoing partnership with national water agency PUB. Xylem will continue working on developing and implementing technologies for areas such as high-precision leak detection and condition assessment technologies, to name a few.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin August 2020

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