India : Tata Motors launches a crowdsourcing platform to solve mobility issues

TACNet IdeaNation invites people to submit issues and ideas

Tata Motors has launched an engaging crowdsourcing platform, TACNet IdeaNation. The platform will empower citizens across the country to put forward problems and challenges which they think are existent or which they personally experience in the nation's mobility ecosystem.

Through TACNet IdeaNation, Tata Motors is not just inviting people to submit issues and ideas, but also looking at taking their help first in prioritising which one of these should the company work on solving for, and then finally reaching out to innovators and the startup eco-system to help solve for the same.

Speaking on the occasion, Pankaj Jhunja, Head- Mobility Services, Tata Motors said, “As a leading Indian automotive brand, we constantly keep innovating for better serving the market, and engaging with our customers and the categories we cater to. Through TACNet IdeaNation, we are creating a platform that allows us to engage and harness capabilities and ideas from everywhere in the country. It is an opportunity for everyone from any part of the country to participate and co-create by providing an entirely new vision for enhancing the country’s mobility ecosystem.”


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Smart Grid Bulletin June 2020

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