World : Zinc-air battery being deployed in New York aims for extremely low $45/kWh cost

New York state has chosen Zinc8’s zinc-air battery to demonstrate the technology’s viability over a three-year period in a 100 kW/1 MWh storage system.

New York state has signed a deal to procure a new 100 kW/1 MWh zinc-air battery from Canadian company Zinc8 Energy Storage. The energy storage facility will be installed behind-the-meter in an undetermined western New York site that can benefit from the hardware — such as a “municipal building or a building on a college campus or university.”

Zinc8’s CEO sees this system as being potentially upgraded to 1 MW in power over the next couple of years.

The company’s website claims it is aiming for an installation cost of $45/kWh. For comparison’s sake, Bloomerg NEF recently reported that battery prices have fallen 87%, from $1,100/kWh in 2010 to $156/kWh in 2019, with an expectation of nearing $100/kWh by 2023. Zinc8 stated that to reach those $45/kWh prices, the product needs to be sized with more than eight hours of capacity relative to its instantaneous power.


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SMART GRID Bulletin February 2020

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