Water : US’ largest gas distributor joins ONE Future energy sustainability initiative

As part of efforts to accelerate its sustainability measures, US ‘largest fully regulated natural gas-only distributor’ Atmos Energy has joined Our Nation’s Energy Future Coalition (ONE Future).

ONE Future is a voluntary alliance of companies across the natural gas supply chain focused on technology and policy solutions to drive continual improvement in the reduction of methane emissions.

Joining the initiative will help Atmos Energy to accelerate its sustainable practices in its natural gas distribution businesses and pipeline and storage operations.

Atmos Energy will measure, report and track its sustainability progress in accordance with ONE Future protocols.

The utility will increase its investments in innovation, long-term sustainability and risk mitigation.

Previously sustainability efforts implemented by the energy company include being a founding partner of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Natural Gas Methane Challenge and Natural Gas STAR Programmes.

The programmes encourage oil and natural gas companies to improve efficiency and reduce methane emissions. A

Atmos Energy reports gas operations data in the Edison Electric Institute and the American Gas Association environmental, social, governance, and sustainability templates.


Source : https://www.smart-energy.com/industry-sectors/business-finance-regulation/us-largest-gas-distributor-joins-one-future-energy-sustainability-initiative-atmos-energy/

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