World : Energy storage innovations and exhibitors at Intersolar San Diego

EMP/solar flare-hardened gear, storage-behind-the-PV-module and Generac made appearances at the Intersolar show in Southern California last week.

Yotta Energy has an energy storage solution where the battery is situated beneath the solar module. The same racking components that hold the ballast also hold Yotta’s 500 kW/1kWh battery. The company raised $1.5 million in August of last year.

Generac, an old-school generator company, presented its battery-backup PwrCell and that’s a good indicator of the importance and market acceptance of battery-backup for the home. The unit can range from 8.6 kWh to 17.1 kWh.

A few years back, Generac data suggested that more than 15% of the roughly 100 million single family homes in the U.S. had generators. If that same 15% of installations were 15 kWh batteries, it would total about 225 GWh of energy storage. The U.S. deployed just over a total of 1 GWh of energy storage in 2019.

Darfon Solar exhibited its AC- and DC-coupled energy storage inverters. These units are battery-agnostic, and can be added either before or after you’ve installed your solar power system. The units are fast acting enough (UPS standard response speeds of <20ms) to switch a home from grid to battery before home electronics will notice. The AC-coupled unit has integrated software for peak shaving, while both units offer a suite of grid services including time-of-use management.


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