India: In a First in the World, Indian Railways Sets Up Solar Power Plant in Madhya Pradesh to Run Trains

In a significant development, Indian Railways has set up a solar power plant in Bina in Madhya Pradesh to power the Railway overhead lines that power the electric locomotives. According to Railway officials, this is the first time in the world that solar power will be used to run trains.

While Indian Railways, and other railway networks in the world, have been using solar power, they are mainly used to fulfill the electricity requirements of stations, residential colonies, and offices, etc. Indian Railways has also installed solar power panels on the roof of some coaches, which supply electricity for lights in the coaches. But till now, no Railway network has used solar power to actually run trains by powering the locomotives.

The 1.7 megawatt solar power plant has been set up as a pilot project by Railways in collaboration with Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL) on Railway land near the tracks in Bina. The plant will have stepped up voltage of 25,000 volts through transformers to be fed to the overhead power lines of the Railways to power the traction system of the locomotives. The feed from the plant has been synchronised with the 25kV Railway Overhead Line.

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