India : Indian Railways Gears Up To Become "Green Railway" by 2030

With the goal of transforming Indian Railways into Green Railways by 2030, the Ministry of Railways has taken a number of major initiatives towards mitigation of global warming and combating climate change.

Railway electrification, improving the energy efficiency of locomotives and trains and fixed installations, green certification for installations/stations, fitting bio-toilets in coaches, and switching to renewable sources of energy are parts of its strategy of achieving net-zero carbon emission, according to a statement by Ministry of Railways on Monday. Indian Railways has completed electrification of more than 40,000 Route km (RKM) (63 per cent of broad-gauge routes) in which 18,605 km electrification work has been done during 2014-20. Previously, only 3,835 km electrification work was completed during the period 2009-14.

Indian Railways has fixed a target of electrification of 7,000 RKM for the year 2020-21. All routes on the BG network have been planned to be electrified by December 2023.

Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin July 2020

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