World : Future to Be Painted by Green New Deal Policies for KEPCO

Under the plans for the Low-Emission Development Strategy (LEDS), 2050 announced in Feb 2020, greenhouse gas emissions are set to be cut by 125.3mn tons by 2050, representing a 19% reduction from the 2017 level. Moving ahead, we predict that 39% of the reduction target will be achieved by power demand control, with another 37% to be achieved via a power generation mix overhaul. Against this backdrop, the significance of smart grids and renewable energy is to rise.

As Korea’s largest power producer, KEPCO is to play a crucial role in the country’s shift from nuclear and coal power to renewable energy. In overseas countries, the firm is currently carrying out wind power (500WM) and solar power (270MW) projects. And on the domestic front, KEPCO and its power-generating subsidiaries (GENCOs) are investing in the Saemangeum solar power (300MW) and Southern West region offshore wind power (2,500MW) projects.

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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2020

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