World : Blockchain-Based Smart City Project Limestone Plans for Token Listing

Limestone Network, a Singapore-based blockchain project for building smart cities, has announced on July 23 it will list its native token-LIMEX on Bitrue crypto exchange for trading.  

According to the report, LIMEX will integrate an entire smart city's applications such as property management, retail malls, payments, financial services, transportation, parking, F&B, and entertainment, to create an intelligent urban ecosystem. 

Limestone, a permission-based network, is said to allow consumers to manage consent for their data and usage. Service providers and merchants will be able to verify consumers' identities by requesting the data via private smart contracts. Eddie Lee, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Limestone Network said that: "The beauty of blockchain is the ability to give power back to consumers,"

Secure data portability also removes the need for intermediaries such as agencies between service providers and consumers. These cost savings can then be transferred to consumers.

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