World: UK To Consider Space-Based Solar Power Energy

The idea for space-based solar power has been around for decades, however, research into it is still in the early days.

The systems would use very large solar power satellites to collect solar energy, convert it into high-frequency radio waves, and safely beam it back to ground-based receivers connected to the electrical grid. 

The study, led by Frazer-Nash Consultancy, will consider the engineering and economics of such a system. They will consider whether it could deliver affordable energy for consumers and the engineering and technology that would be required to build it.

One of the biggest issues to overcome is assembling the massive satellites in orbit, which has not been done before at this scale.

Historically, the cost of rocket launches and the weight that would be required for a project of this scale made the idea of space-based solar power unfeasible. However, the recent emergence of privately-led space ventures has brought the cost of the launch down dramatically in the last decade

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